We had the opportunity to attend MapR’s first ever analyst event, held December 12th and 13th in San Jose. The event was well attended for a first analyst event, as to be expected when one of the three key Hadoop distribution vendors wants to update influencers. 
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Here you go: Always tough to pick the takeaways – but here are my Top 3:

MapR is an enterprise software company - MapR execs mad it very clear to the analysts present – that MapR is an enterprise software company, meaning the main vehicle of revenue are software licenses – not services. Given the recent addition of Oracle veteran Matt Mills and more – not a surprising direction. And a valid differentiation to the more services oriented 2 other key competitors.

Different product DNA – In the early days someone at MapR made the decision that a distributed storage architecture is the better direction. What MapR calls today the ‘MapR converged platform’ is indeed different from the 2 key competitors in the field. And MapR can address several differentiators here, around scale, high availability, TCO and support of multi-cloud.

Platform for NextGen Apps – MapR sees themselves as an ideal platform for next generation applications. High Performance and the above-mentioned capabilities make MapR an ideal platform to build large, BigData applications. See below Storify for the examples mentioned, of course IoT and self-driving vehicles were part of the what MapR customers are building.



A good event for MapR, always good to formalize the briefings with the analyst community. MapR has several DNA differences to the two other ‘musketeers of Bigdata’ – Cloudera and Hortonworks and made them very clear during the presentations. And enterprise need platforms to build next generation applications. Avoiding IaaS storage lock in is high on the agenda, and when it comes at the price of BigData vendor lock in – may still be the better tradeoff for many enterprises.

On the concern side MapR wants to be an enterprise software vendor, but shared less of a roadmap than the two other players in their field at their respective events. And MapR now needs to execute in go to market and customer adoption. We heard many interesting and light house class customer stories – but they must go live and evangelize the solution more. Investment in more go to market capacity is under way – a good move.

Overall MapR definitively is part of the top 3 independent BigData / Hadoop vendors, it has substantial differentiation at the core product level – now it needs to show the growth and that customers really care. Stay tuned.

Want to learn more? Checkout the Storify collection below (if it doesn’t show up – check here).




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