Sales by Design, Not by Challenge

Win through Empathy, Co-Innovation, and Co-Creation with Customers 


This report evaluates the concepts outlined in The Challenger Sale: Taking Control of the Customer Conversation and proposes an alternative strategy to drive sales performance: Sales by Design. Sales by Design is a strategy that considers buyer organizational personas and applies design thinking to the sales process. Sales by Design enables sales teams to better connect with buyers by serving as collaborator and advocate throughout the sales process.

How to Conduct Effective Blockchain R&D

Early Blockchain Adopters Must Be Aware of the Pitfalls and Conduct R&D with Care 


This report explains how to ensure blockchain research and development (R&D) produces secure and effective Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs). This report includes three case studies examining how the Linux Foundation Hyperledger Project, Ping Identity, and R3 conduct effective R&D in advanced blockchain-related technologies, each in their own way, solving real problems and investing in DLTs effectively. 

Delivering Customer Experience to Millennials – A Survival Guide

How to Use Customer Experience to Turn Millennials into Brand Advocates 

This research looks at how modern customer service and customer experience professionals make use of Millennial brand advocates for customer acquisition, building online, peer-to-peer recommendations, sharing strong brand preferences and driving revenue through word-of-mouth interactions. This report provides a guide to customer-oriented brands seeking to engage Millennials via customer experience and customer service.

The Cloud Comes into the Private Data Center

​Oracle ZS5 Brings Cloud Scale and Best Practices into On-Premises Data Centers 

This report explores the features of the Oracle ZS5 Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution. This solution is a hybrid product that not only offers lower TCO than older, non-cloud-grade storage offerings, but also the strategic option to move from on-premises back to the cloud with no penalty. 

Using the Right Solution to Propel Digital Transformation

Case Study: Zudy and Tri-State-Based Pharmaceutical Company

How Zudy Reset Expectations and Boosted Productivity with a Powerful No-Code Rapid Application Development Platform This report examines how a pharmaceutical company used Zudy to create custom applications for human resources, procurement and sales management, allowing the company to innovate and improve business performance while improving user adoption.