1. CEN Member Chat: The State of Security with Steve Wilson

    Steve Wilson, Constellation Research VP & Principal Analyst provides in-depth views on the state of security and where it should be to keep astute leaders informed. He provides this after highlights on Constellation Insights offered by Chris Kanaracus, Constellation Research Managing Editor. 

  2. CEN Member Chat: Democratizing Big Data, BI, and Analytics

    Doug Henschen, Constellation Research VP & Principal Analyst, shares his deep knowledge of Hadoop, examples of various industry use cases, and covers his latest research report after Chris Kanaracus reveals Constellation Insights' highlights. 

  3. Video: Long Way to Go to Tackle Identify Fraud

    Steve Wilson, Constellation VP & Principal Analyst shares his POV in 10.5 minutes.

    "Identity fraud is very simple, it is necessary to work in authentication because it is now very easy to replace, falsifying and stealing the digital identity. The identification industry has worked on increasing security and privacy, reduce costs and barriers of authentication, but needs to go much further."