Launch Of SAP S/4 Provides Catalyst For Organizations To Update Their Next Gen Apps Strategy: Now Is The Time To Rethink Your Apps Strategy With SAP

While determining where to go in the future, Constellation recommends the following strategies in determining a go forward strategy with not only SAP, but also legacy ERP vendors on the journey to digital business and digital transformation.

Australian Users Concerns About SAP Similar To Other Global Users

Over 500 Australian SAP users gathered between September 8th and 9th, 2014 at the Sydney Hilton for the annual user conference.  Users came from IT roles, marketing, HR, and finance.  In speaking to over 100 attendees, key concerns include:

Constellation shares with its clients the fourth annual groundbreaking survey of CIOs later this week. The 2014 survey interviews respondents about their priorities by CIO persona. Constellation identified infrastructure, integration, intelligence, and innnovaiton as the four personas of the next gen CIO in 2011.

Survey results show that while CIO’s prefer to spend more time on innovation projects, most CIOs must spend their time battling the reduction of cost in IT delivery. In the shift towards dominating digital disruption, CIOs can only move as fast as their organization’s DNA will allow while driving transformation. Using Constellation’s organizational DNA framework, CIOs can understand how much change they can expect their organization to consume and gauge their ability to impact the thought process and culture. An excerpt of some of the findings can be found below: