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Business success increasingly demands digital transformation. And digital proficiency is the gateway.

Find out how to use digital proficiency and teaming dynamics to build a workforce that will conquer digital transformation. 

Constellation Digital Disruption TourConstellation founder, R "Ray" Wang is on a worldwide book tour (tweeting under the hash tag #cxotour). I was thrilled to participate in the Melbourne leg last week. 

At this event, we were joined by two of Australia's deep digital economy experts, Gavin Heaton and Joanne Jacobs. Gavin kicked off the night, surveying the importance of innovation, and the double-edged opportunities and threats of digital disruption.

Then Ray identified cases of business disruption, old and new, demonstrating how innovative businesses are thriving in the digital age.

The Digital Disruption tour dates are just around the corner, so you're welcome to RSVP, if you haven't already.

Disrupting Digital BusinessRead the first chapter of my new book, Disrupting Digital Business, before its publication on May 5, 2015. 

Digital Disruption TourAdobe and Wipro Digital thought leaders will be joining our analysts and R "Ray" Wang in May to provide digital transformation insights to executives. 

If you're an executive who doesn't work in the technology industry and is interested in technology and disruptive business models, these complimentary events are offered for you and your peers. 

You're invited as our guests in San Francisco or Atlanta to make new connections, gain new knowledge, and secure your own complimentary signed copy of R "Ray" Wang's new book, Disrupting Digital Business, published by Harvard Business Review Press.  We'll discuss disruptive trends that matter, so that you can either finetune your digital business models for incremental gains or push for transformational changes.

We welcome our Constellation Executive Network members and senior leaders who typically work for non-technology industries to reserve seats for our inaugural Digital Disruption Tour.  If you can benefit from curated Silicon Valley insights and technology insider's knowledge, you won't want to miss these. 

Digital Disruption TourFirst Stop Scheduled for April 22 in Melbourne

Executives Learn How to Identify Disruptive Trends and Craft Digital Business Models

Today Constellation Research announced that registration is live for the inaugural Digital Disruption Tour, a series of executive-level seminars that show attendees how to effectively conquer disruptive forces in the era of digital business. The first stop of the tour is scheduled for April 22, 2015 in Melbourne, Australia at The Deck.  Constellation will host subsequent events in San Francisco, Atlanta, London, and Amsterdam. Speakers including Constellation analysts, early adopters, and founder, R “Ray” Wang will will identify disruptive trends that business leaders must address in the digital era. R “Ray” Wang will share insights from his book Disrupting Digital Business, published by Harvard Business Review Press.

An unpublished letter to the editor of The New Yorker, February 2015.

The online version of the article is subtitled "Solving an Unsolvable Problem". The apparent oxymoron belies a wondrous pattern we see in mathematical discovery. Conundrums widely accepted to be impossible are in fact solved quite often, and then frenetic periods of innovation usually follow. The surprise breakthrough is typically inefficient (or, far worse in a mathematician's mind, ugly) but it can inspire fresh thinking and lead to polished methods. We are in one of these intense creative periods right now. 

Connected Enterprise Innovation Summit

Just a warning... this is your last chance to watch Constellation's Connected Enterprise session recordings! On February 2, the majority of the recordings will be restricted to Research Unlimited and Constellation Executive Network members.

In his provocative book, Zero To One, Peter Thiel offers a view of entrepreneurship that is radical, in the original sense of the word. That is, it goes to the root of entrepreneurship: how to take bold risks to create a better future. Thiel believes that an entrepreneur should build a lasting company, not merely a successful one...