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You were recognized by the SuperNova Award judges for your innovative application of disruptive technology in business. On this page you'll find everything you need to know about being a SuperNova Award finalist. 

Constellation will announce the winners of the 2020 SuperNova Awards at our virtual gala on October 28 at Connected Enterprise, Constellation's two-day innovation summit. Connected Enterprise will be held from October 27-28, 2020 via virtual platform.

All finalists are awarded one complimentary ticket to Connected Enterprise.

Finalists wishing to speak on a panel discussion at Connected Enterprise should register by October 9. More information on how to register below. 

SuperNova Finalist To-Do List

  1. Spread the word about your accomplishment! Use the resources below to gather votes for your project. Polls are open August 10 – September 4, 2020.
  2. Register for Constellation's Connected Enterprise. As a SuperNova Award finalist you are awarded one complimentary pass to Constellation's Connected Enterprise. Constellation will announce the winners of the 2020 SuperNova Awards on the second night of Connected Enterprise at the SuperNova Awards Gala. Register by following the link provided in your SuperNova Finalist email. 

SuperNova Award Gala and Connected Enterprise

The SuperNova Award winners will be announced at the SuperNova Award Gala which will be held October 28, 2020 on the second day of Constellation's Connected Enterprise innovation summit. All SuperNova Award finalists receive compliementary admission to Connected Enterprise and are strongly encouraged to attend. 

All finalists are awarded one complimentary ticket to Constellation's Connected Enterprise, valued at $3,100.* Use the special registration link in your SuperNova Award finalist email to claim your complimentary ticket to Connected Enterprise. 

If you are intersted in speaking on a panel at Connected Enterprise please register by October 9, 2020, and email Meghan Ruona ([email protected]) informing Constellation of your desire to speak on a panel.  
*Lodging and travel not included.


The SuperNova Award winners are determined by a combination of polling and judging. Accrue votes to boost your chances of winning the Award. 

From August 10 - September 4, 2020 people can vote for you directly from your application webpage. One vote per IP address. 

Spread the Word

Below are some ideas and materials to help you promote your project. 

Press Release

Craft your own press release. Use the template below. 

Download Finalists Press Release Template

Download Winners Press Release Template

Share on Social Networks

Spread the news on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Use the SuperNova Award finalist badge (below) to drive engagement. 


Promote your SuperNova Award application, ask your audience to vote for you, or thank your team. 

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Key Dates

  • August 5, 2020 - Finalists announced 
  • August 10, 2020 - Voting opens to the public
  • September 4, 2020 - Polls close for voting
  • October 9, 2020- Deadline to register as a speaker at Connected Enterprise
  • October 28, 2020 - Winners announced at the SuperNova Awards Gala at Virtual Connected Enterprise (CCE)



Technology thought leaders, analysts, and journalists selected for their futurist mindset and ability to separate substance from hype. The SuperNova Award Judges carefully evaluate each SuperNova Award application against a rigorous set of criteria. Judges identify individuals who demonstrate true leadership in the application and adoption of new and emerging technologies. Judges are looking for projects with metrics that demonstrate the business value of the transformation project. 

View 2020 SuperNova Award Judges


  • AI and Augmented Humanity - bestows awards for organizations and individuals who apply machines that possess the intelligence and learning capabilities of humans to transform their businesses or mission. This category also includes solutions that address the issues of digital and AI ethics, and the impact of AI on society.
  • Data to Decisions - grants recognition to organizations and individuals employing data to make informed business decisions. (big data, predictive analytics)
  • Data-Driven Digital Networks (DDNs) and Business Models - awards organizations and individuals using disruptive and exponential tech such as Cloud, 5G, IOT, Blockchain, AI to craft new businesses models with a subscription commerce, smart service, value chain, or joint venture approach.
  • Digital Marketing and Sales Effectiveness - cites organizations and individuals who apply data-driven digital marketing and revenue generation to their businesses.  This includes technologies such as configure price quote, mobile marketing, account based marketing, sales by design. and other effectiveness analytics.
  • Digital Safety, Governance, and Privacy - spotlights organizations and individuals that support policies and technologies to manage how personal information is used, strategies for effective compliance, and privacy best practices.
  • Future of Work - Employee Experience - determines organizations and individuals that deliver the best possible employee experience as a means to maximize wellness and productivity using tools that support the future of work and people analytics.
  • Future of Work: Human Capital Management - identifies organizations and individuals that view the workforce as a competitive asset and apply technologies to gain competitive advantage and improve employee effectiveness. Key technologies include talent management, recruiting, benefits, payroll, and core HR.
  • Next-Generation Customer Experience - recognizes organizations and individuals that keep brand promises as business shifts to systems of engagement, systems of experience, and systems of mass personalization at scale through customer experience, CRM, service, and engagement.
  • Tech Optimization and Modernization - shows how organizations and individuals reduce technical debt to fund innovation using technologies such as but not limited to cloud computing, back office efficiencies, RPA and process mining, licensing optimization, ERP, GRC, integration, and others.