Constellation Academy

Train, certify, and introduce disruptive technology to your organization

Bring new concepts in disruptive technology to your organization with Constellation Academy, an experiential training and certification program led by Constellation analysts. Constellation Academy includes two components to deliver a holistic approach: The Constellation Best Practices Case Study series and Constellation Academy Workshops.

Constellation Academy Workshops: Train and Certify

The Constellation Academy Workshops offer organizations an experiential learning experience to excite, inform, train, and certify participants on a wide range of concepts revolving around Constellation's business-focused research themes. Delivered by a Constellation analyst, learning objectives are jointly crafted to bring to life new concepts and provide a comprehensive understanding of the concept. Choose from Constellation's pre-defined workshops, or work with a Constellation analyst to create a workshop customized to your organization's specific needs. At the conclusion of each workshop, attendees receive Constellation certification for the workshop subject matter. Constellation Academy Workshops build on the best practices experiences from the Constellation Academy Best Practices Case Studies and first hand analyst experiences.

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Constellation Academy Best Practices Case Studies: Inspire and Inform

The Constellation Academy Best Practices Case Studies highlight how early adopter and fast follower organizations have pioneered cost savings, created disruptive business models, or have pushed the envelope in innovation. Each case study describes the business challenges, metrics, lessons learned, and the technology solutions used to solve the subject's business problem. Constellation's analysts validate the case studies and provide recommendations on next steps. The Constellation Academy Best Practices Case Studies inform clients of the possibilities of successful disruptive technology implementation. Constellation Academy Case Studies are designed for use as training material in Constellation Academy Workshops.

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