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Part 2; The role of existing business functions and technology provisioning when Digital Business adds new business functions and technology provisioning Digital Business models stress agile, dynamic, and responsive to external opportunities using sense and respond. Is this just adding a new technology operation to the Front Office? Its difficult to see how the Back Office IT model built for optimization of internal operations can support such a flexible business-operating model without some changes at least.

Images, videos, infographics, and other visual content have become increasingly popular forms of digital expression for individuals and content marketing fodder for bloggers and marketers.  This content has spurred the growth of social networks in which such content is produced and shared such as Vine, Pinterest, and Instagram.  So it should be no surprise that advertisers and...

Simple truth – at the edges is where you find the customer. "Edge" in retail speak refers to pushing relevant and actionable data closer to the customer touch points – to the edges of the retailer’s network. Retailers must focus on executing on the edge with better visibility and greater analytics or by being more savvy in product delivery to maintain relevance for their physical stores.

This week Constellation attended The NRF Big Show along with 33,000 other retail-minded attendees. The one big takeaway from the retail industry's premier event? Retailers must move toward seamless customer experience.

On Jan 14th, Facebook officially announced the much rumoured Facebook for Work. This private version of the popular social network is designed to provide employees a place to collaborate securely with their colleagues. This sounds like a great idea, if it were still 2010.

There is a popular view that most people are smart enough to know what they're doing when they trade personal information for services. During these types of transactions, however, people can and should retain their privacy -- because privacy and Personal Information (or PII) are different things. Transacting in personal information should not lead to a compromise on privacy. Here's how your actions can help change this practice.

In not really surprising lockstep social network giants Facebook and LinkedIn announced enterprise offerings. For Facebook it is ‘Facebook at Work’ – bringing all the social tools of feeds, posts, messages etc. to the world of the enterprise, limited to the employees of the same enterprise. For LinkedIn it is initially about allowing employees of the same enterprise to send InMails to each other, and then create enterprise level groups to foster content sharing.

Let's analyze these new offerings.

There seems to be a belief that the value lies in the data, the information as to what has changed or is happening, and that may be so, but surely the ‘sense’ part will only provide business value if coupled with a ‘respond’? It’s likely that this requires the IoT data to assessed, and then used as an input to start an existing internal, or Back Office, enterprise application set of processes.

You think your business has customer acquisition issues? Consider the plight of ice cream manufacturers and retailers during the winter months!  Eating ice cream – let alone buying it – during the cold winter months is about as counterintuitive as buying sunglasses in London, England, where clouds and rain are permanent symbols on the weather forecast.  Yet...

In his provocative book, Zero To One, Peter Thiel offers a view of entrepreneurship that is radical, in the original sense of the word. That is, it goes to the root of entrepreneurship: how to take bold risks to create a better future. Thiel believes that an entrepreneur should build a lasting company, not merely a successful one...