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An unpublished letter to the editor of The New Yorker, February 2015.

The online version of the article is subtitled "Solving an Unsolvable Problem". The apparent oxymoron belies a wondrous pattern we see in mathematical discovery. Conundrums widely accepted to be impossible are in fact solved quite often, and then frenetic periods of innovation usually follow. The surprise breakthrough is typically inefficient (or, far worse in a mathematician's mind, ugly) but it can inspire fresh thinking and lead to polished methods. We are in one of these intense creative periods right now. 

As they say, you only get one chance to make a first impression. 

Well, spreadsheet/database vendor Airtable gets a 9/10 for creating an amazing first time user experience that helps guide you through getting started. To help you successfully use their product, they:

On the morning of March 2nd 2015 the long rumored acquisition of Aruba Networks by HP came through with the official press release (find it here). Here I dissect the press release News Analysis style. 

Over the past year, I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with 19 billionaires.  I took the opportunity to ask them for their life lessons and leadership advice.  Because these uber successful individuals came from varied backgrounds and industries, I was expecting many different answers.  However, I was proven wrong. 

Enterprise Healthcare Management (EHM) is a new category of software that incorporates analytics into healthcare management, thereby enabling organizations to select, deploy, manage, and influence the outcomes of their healthcare investments to better align with business goals.

Constellation expects this category of technology to play a key role in improving the future of work by improving the efficacy of health benefits programs while driving down cost through transparency. And while ‘fixing’ the healthcare system requires systemic change, EHM will provide the technological support to organizations navigating the massive transitions ahead.


IBM's newest event, IBM InterConnect is the combination of multiple conferences that used to be held separately throughout the year. In its inaugural run, IBM did an excellent job in telling a consistent story to their customers that spanned all of the IBM software brands. No longer is there one message about security, another about social, another about mobile, etc. Instead IBM is now combining the products and services of the entire company to creating solutions that leverage all of what IBM has to offer.

Mobile World Congress 2015

Next week 86,000 people will attend Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This conference strives to cater to EVERYONE--thus it's easy to lose your focus in the deluge of information. For those interested in disruptive technologies for the enterprise, Constellation Research's early adopter's guide to MWC will keep you on track. Keep these disruptive trends in mind while you're walking the floor, and have a successful MWC.

Event Report: IBM Interconnect

I had the opportunity to attend IBM InterConnect in Las Vegas this week. We saw a number of medium size announcements, which all point toward steady progress. Here are my top 3 takeaways.

Your enterprise relies on sophisticated management of its manufacturing processes together with its network of sub contractors to utilize expensive assets. Increasingly you need to improve the cohesive operational management in response to calls for more ‘agility’ in responsiveness to market demands. Q. How do you really get the operational game change needed by using real-time IoT sensing data?

An updated list of social business and collaboration vendors