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If the reality of Digital Business is the transformation of Business and Industry sectors driven by ‘everything becoming connected, and therefore ‘smarter’, how do you manage to make sense of the huge amount of data being generated? Big Data is a tough enough prospect today, but in a future world it looks impossible to continue to scale up the current approaches.

R “Ray” Wang to negotiate Gartner and Forrester contracts for $1

Constellation Research, Inc. (@ConstellationRG), will conduct complimentary contract reviews of legacy analyst firms for its clients and future prospects. Constellation Research, a Silicon Valley based analyst firm, recognizes many clients are locked into contracts with legacy analyst firms who don’t possess the specialized knowledge and ambition to serve customers in the digital era.

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I had the opportunity to attend the 2nd edition of Oracle’s HCMWorld conference in Washington last week. The event was well attended, the audience had more senior HR leaders than the audience we say last year in Las Vegas. Customers were generally curious and excited of things to come and using the whole spectrum of Oracle HCM products.

Here are my top three takeaways: 1. New learning module; 2. Digital Disruption meets HCM; 3.Oracle Momentum

If you read my “stuff” you know I am a very big proponent of cloud computing. I wrote a small e-book on how to be a cloud purist (which talks about and describes the proper way to — well, cloud). I have engaged in numerous battles and debates (both online and offline) that were lengthy … Continue reading On Electrical Grids, Cloud, And What We Are Doing Wrong

Up until recently, I have rarely listened to podcasts. They just did not seem to work for me. I didn’t have the regularity of travel or the time to focus. But podcasting seems to be riding a wave of new popularity – and an explosion in the type and number of podcasts combined with easy to use apps has seen me start to change my ways. And with an interest in supporting people and businesses I know, I started with some local casts – Trevor Young’s Reputation Revolution podcast and Mark Pesce’s This Week in Startups Australia.

Event report of UItimate Software Connections user conference - top 3 takeaways are a rich roadmap, a strong analytics agenda and the partnership with Netsuite.

Here are my takeaways from Oracle’s second dedicated HCM event. 


I had a letter to the editor published in Nature on big data and privacy.

Data protection: Big data held to privacy laws, too

What do you think?

The Business case for the Internet of Things -- indeed for everything becoming network connected -- lies in the positive outcomes enabled by leveraging the data collected from the instrumentation of the business as a whole. Its not just about collecting more data from existing applications, it’s about being able to obtain data in new ways. The combination of this new data and traditional analytics is expected to add Business value via ‘Insights’ that come from marring these two, previously isolated data sets, in real-time.

New technologies and changing demographics fundamentally change the workplace. My newest report, "Inside The Future of HCM",  helps you adapt to the ever-changing work paradigm by identifying the forces shaping the future of Human Capital Management. 

This report identifies seven trends influencing the Future of HCM.