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The 94 year old retailer, Radio Shack, is on the verge of no longer being in existence. Sad, but another example of digital disruption in the retail supply chain. Radio Shack was one of the leading retailers when it came to cutting edge electronics. I remember as a kid going there to get a new tape recorder (yup I played my first Van Halen cassette, 1984, on a tape recorder from Radio Shack) or when cordless phones came out, Radio Shack was the go to place to acquire such technological marvels. There is a picture circulating around social media about all the technologies you could have at Radio Shack in the 1990s…that are all now contained in that device we carry in our pockets – the smart phone (see below). Talk about digital disruption.

On Feb 3rd, Jive Software is launching the first of what Jive calls Workstyle applications. These specific purpose applications expand, not replace the platform they offer today with Jive (internal) and JiveX (external) community software.

What? I mean, what????



I have been talking about digital transformation for nearly four years now and began to write about the transformative power of data (what digital refers to) over 15 years ago (when I began to cover EFM at Gartner ‘member?). Why on earth would I want to stop talking about it now – when its finally reached the peak of the hype cycle and is beginning to be adopted?

VMWare has made February the month of the Cloud, promising 28 days of Cloud Insight. Can they deliver? What are the implications for the market?"

Clearly, there’s a big demand for Superbowl commercials, which – along with the impressive real-time audience the big game receives – is the reason television networks can demand such a high price. However, is the investment worth the return when audience fragmentation is so high?

Last week Oracle provided an update on its engineered systems – mainly the launch of the new X-5 line. When Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison took the stage – he had a surprise in the bag that few counted on – that Oracle would now start to compete in the space of two socket servers.

So let’s look at the implications:

Here is a list of the events I will be attending in 2015.

This report is about how Customer Service and Support is evolving into Customer Success Management as top differentiator by companies and brands that understand the importance of the digital disruption and how it is affecting their business and their customers.

This is one of Constellation’s reports on the State of Enterprise Technology in which we assess the state of technologies Constellation has identified as essential to digital transformation. This research report explores a key area – customer service and support.

In this presentation, you will learn basic principles of public speaking as well as professional techniques for keeping the audience focused on you and your message.

This case study examines Ian White’s implementation and deployment of Zimbra. Ian White won the 2014 SuperNova Award in Next Generation Customer Experience for his leadership of this project.