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With the SuperNova Award deadline fast approaching, I thought I'd share some tips for creating an impressive application.

Also included in this post, an explanation of the SuperNova Award categories and a sample application may be found below. 

I wanted to write this post for a while - and as summer vacations are coming up for me and family as well as fellow readers - I wanted to start a summer series... keeping it with Mark Twain's famous - sorry I wrote you a long letter - I did not have time to write a short one  - this could well backfire - but it's worth a try. Shouldn't take more than 2 minutes to read.

There seems to be a lot of interest around recruiting functionality in the HR enterprise software space these days... So let's understand why that is...

The Fast Food Giant Used Social Analytics to Bolster Customer Engagement and Execute the Brand's Most Successful Product Launch

This is the first in a series of posts highlighting the winners of the 2012 SuperNova Awards for innovators in disrutptive technology.

Doritos Locos Tacos: unless you were living under a rock last year the buzz surrounding the crunchy Taco Bell taco with a Dorito shell was inescapable...

This post was overdue by now - but today's (July 24th 2013) events triggered it into existence, as I wanted to write a post on the OpenStack dynamics as we see them unfolding in the coming quarters since a long time. Cloudscaling's Randy Bias' unbiased (pun intended) open letter to the OpenStack community was just the spark that was needed.

When I began researching the marketing automation market late last year, it seemed like a crowded market. It seemed clear at the time that the competitive fog produced by the various marketing platforms was obscuring the very real benefits that technology delivers to marketers, and that the end result would be consolidation.

Yesterday, Adobe helped clear some of this fog by completing its acquisition of privately held marketing automation vendor, Neolane. What impact will this have? My news analysis can be found here – and the official release here.

Constellation Research keynoted at Ping Identity’s Cloud Identity Summit 2013 in July. Gathered in front of the Identerati, an Identity Manifesto was presented. The research behind that manifesto has been summarized here in this summary. The final big idea research report will offer insight into four of Constellation’s primary research themes, the Next-Generation Customer Experience, The Future of Work, Matrix Commerce, and the Consumerization of IT and the new C-Suite.

Over the weekend we learned that SAP is making more changes at the top - with Hagemann-Snabe giving up the co-CEO role in May 2014 and likely moving to the supervisory board then.

Questions and scenarios arise: Did Hagemann-Snabe surprise Plattner? Why not co-CEO with Sikka? The German Angle. The Pros and Cons of Co-CEOs.

My analysis.

I’ve always been fascinated by what other people want to know. And paying attention to the questions they ask, it turns out, can open the door to a person’s inner life. After all, questions can reveal that little is known about the subject, or that a a lot is known but the questioner is still […]

The following video is part 2 of 3 of my conversation with  BBC Click tech reporter Kate Russell on the BizCouch while at Oracle CloudWorld in London

Constellation Research, Inc. the research and advisory firm focused how disruptive technologies transform business models announced the publication of ”The Cloud Changes Everything” by Constellation Vice President and Principal Analyst, Holger Mueller. This research report recaps the events of June 20 through June 27 in which Oracle entered into several strategic relationships with Microsoft, Salesforce, and Netsuite, and examines the implications of the Oracle alliances for the market, customers, partners and competitors.

Download the report snapshot