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ICYMM: Pointers to articles and posts elsewhere in the world where my work is featured. This one is a good article that quotes me, but not based on an interview.  I really like it when someone takes my work and expands on it – it is what I always try to do. In this case, … Continue reading ICYMM: Gartner Prophecy is Wrong (Says Someone Else)

Marketing transforms faster than ever in the digital era. My newest report, “The State of Marketing in 2015" describes the current marketing environment and identifies the direction marketing will head in the near future. 

This report identifies seven measures early adopters must take to prepare for the disruptive forces influencing marketing. Use this report to benchmark and plan for your marketing future. 



I am not a lawyer, but I have a strong sense that search outputs are not the sort of thing that constitutes speech. Let's bear in mind what web search is all about.

Google search is core to its multi-billion advertising business. A search result is not an unfiltered replica of something from the public domain, but rather the subtle outcome of complex Big Data processes. Google's proprietary search algorithm is famously secret, but we do know how sensitive it is to context. Search results change day by day and from place to place. And why is this?

Right now it seems as if the entire Technology Industry is saying that the Internet of Things is the next big thing and will change everything for Digital Business. But can someone be more specific about where, and for what reason, my Enterprise should be deploying, or piloting an IoT solution?

The #AdobeSummit has begun and the news below, for the 6,000 digital marketers and senior leaders from the world’s top brands is being digested, while sharing best practices and networking. As a marketer, there never seems to be enough time to learn everything, but soak it up. It’s all here! And if you are here in […]

Constellation of Partnerships Ahead

On March 9, 2015 Constellation Research announced a strategic alliance with Digital Clarity Group. I wanted to take a minute to discuss what this alliance means for our clients and prospects. I also wanted to share a bit about how this fits within the vision of Constellation Research.

There are roughly 300 million individuals in the U.S., let us estimate half would possibly wear a smart watch and of that half, one third can afford a $400-600 smart watch. So we are looking at one sixth of the U.S. population as the TAM for the Apple Watch.

This means, in the U.S., Apple has to sell 50 million watches to claim mass adoption, and with the world's population at seven billion, and a TAM at one twelfth globally (instead of a TAM of one sixth in the U.S.) Apple would need to sell almost 600 million watches to claim "mass adoption" globally.

Apple Event Announcements Shows Continued Progression In The Digital Lifestyle

The Spring Forward Apple event at Yuerba Buena gardens brought forth a slew of major announcements that pointed to the continued build out of the Star Trek roadmap.

Two award-winning advisory firms to address the needs of brands and organizations for strategic advice and analysis on effective response to digital disruption.

Digital Clarity Group and Constellation Research, Inc. will remain separate entities.  The alliance is focused on the buy-side market. 

I'm going to assume readers know what's meant by the "Creepy Test" in privacy. Here's a short appeal to use the Creepy Test sparingly and carefully.

We should avoid being subjective about privacy. By all means, let's use the Creepy Test to help spot potential privacy problems, and kick off a conversation. But as quickly as possible, we need to reduce privacy problems to objective criteria and, with cool heads, debate the appropriate responses.