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Over the past few weeks I have been meeting with a number of supply chain services companies who are talking about and focusing on developing solutions that will allow users to be laser focused with demand sensing and shaping. Very interesting and exciting for supply chains – these supply chains strive to eliminate or at least control the lumpiness associated with their demand patterns.

However this begets a question – is this necessarily good?

The success of every department depends on the CxO’s fluency of the apps and underlying cloud technology that, both, power and are produced by organizations in the digital age. Consequently, all CxOs should be aware of major trends in cloud technology. I’ve identified nine of these cloud trends in my latest piece of research, “Nine Cloud Trends Every CxO Needs to Know in 2015”. This report provides a comprehensive first look at these key trends and allows CxOs to familiarize themselves with them and then drive to first actions and conclusions for their respective enterprise.

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Your Enterprise has had amazing productivity improvements in its manufacturing operations for a low investment by adding Sensing to critical points in the flow process.  The sensors are spread across the entire internal material and process flow from warehouse to inspection in an Intranet of Things. Logically the next move is to use the Internet of Things externally to add the same capabilities to the flow of materials from its suppliers.

Today we learned that Saba Software (Saba) is being taken private by San Francisco headquartered Vector Capital (Vector). The deal is valued at 400M US$ (see here) - setting the Saba stock price at 9 US$.

There are so many kinds of data that it is hard to keep up with it all. There is the data that we know about – the digital items we intentionally create. There are digital items that are published – like books, websites and so on. There is email which creates its own little fiefdom of data.

For marketers, this data abundance is brilliant, but also a distraction. We could, quite possibly, spend all our time looking at data and not talking to customers. Would this be a bad thing? I’d like to think so.

The question we must ask ourselves is “who is eating whom?”.

This report is about The State of Customer Success Management in 2015. It goes into detail about how next generation customer experience is guiding the success of Customer Success Management. A shift to Customer Success Management is emanate because we live in the world of a continuous, opt-in economy, where the value of a customer is determined by how long they stay a customer and if they continue to increase their purchase amounts over time. As a result, companies must prepare themselves to deliver great, continuous and consistent customer experiences.

As an analyst you attend a lot of events every year, user conferences and analyst briefings being the most prominent event types. So looking at the year in review – let me comment on some Dos and Don’ts and as well offer some suggestions for 2015.

The latest Constellation Research state of enterprise research report explores the impact of digital transformation on the services front. As so many different pieces of the digital transformation space come together, Constellation believes that the Digital Transformation Services category is set to explode in 2015, and we forecast it to surpass $100.7B in 2020.

Since the Digital Transformation Services have been poorly defined and often confused, in this state of enterprise technology report, Constellation defines the space, provides a high level overview of the seven key pillars, and notes various provider categories. At the core, this report is about a big shift that has occurred with customers. When it comes to Digital Transformation Services, most customers seek turn-key solutions and no longer have time for extensive vendor selection efforts. In fact, customers now prefer close knit partnerships between service providers and technology vendors versus an objective arm’s length relationship.

My new report, "Privacy Enters Adolescence", focuses on Safety and Privacy. This report identifies seven trends of which you should be aware in order to protect your customer's information.

Here's an excerpt from the report...

Launch Of SAP S/4 Provides Catalyst For Organizations To Update Their Next Gen Apps Strategy: Now Is The Time To Rethink Your Apps Strategy With SAP

While determining where to go in the future, Constellation recommends the following strategies in determining a go forward strategy with not only SAP, but also legacy ERP vendors on the journey to digital business and digital transformation.