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Microsoft followed through with the general release of an important cloud service last week, laying the groundwork for real-time insight with Azure Stream Analytics.

As the name suggests, Azure Stream Analytics (ASA) is about analyzing data in flight. Examples include data flowing from devices, sensors, web sites, apps, and infrastructure systems. Analysis is done with a SQL-like language that lets users visualize, alert, and act on events in real time.

The State Of Identity Management in 2015

Constellation Research recently launched the "State of Enterprise Technology" series of research reports. These assess the current enterprise innovations which Constellation considers most crucial to digital transformation, and provide snapshots of the future usage and evolution of these technologies.

My second contribution to the state-of-the-state series is "Identity Management Moves from Who to What". Here's an excerpt from the report. 

Six Digital Identity Trends for 2015


Digital Disruption TourAdobe and Wipro Digital thought leaders will be joining our analysts and R "Ray" Wang in May to provide digital transformation insights to executives. 

If you're an executive who doesn't work in the technology industry and is interested in technology and disruptive business models, these complimentary events are offered for you and your peers. 

You're invited as our guests in San Francisco or Atlanta to make new connections, gain new knowledge, and secure your own complimentary signed copy of R "Ray" Wang's new book, Disrupting Digital Business, published by Harvard Business Review Press.  We'll discuss disruptive trends that matter, so that you can either finetune your digital business models for incremental gains or push for transformational changes.

We welcome our Constellation Executive Network members and senior leaders who typically work for non-technology industries to reserve seats for our inaugural Digital Disruption Tour.  If you can benefit from curated Silicon Valley insights and technology insider's knowledge, you won't want to miss these. 

Often times when I talk to marketers they are finally realizing they are becoming publishers. My latest report co-authored with R "Ray" Wang shares best practices for staffing your team for effective content marketing. 

How to Staff the Team for Effective Content Marketing


The media is excited about gene therapy. Emboldened by the Moore's Law fall in the cost of sequencing genomes, the vision of gene therapy is doctors will be able to scan your entire DNA blueprint, instantly spot the defects that ail you, and order up a set of repairs.

A big question for mine is this: How, precisely, will the DNA repairs will be made? Lay people might be left to presume it's like patching your operating system, which is not a bad metaphor, until you think about how and where patches are made to a computer.

The Affordable Care Act, Insights, and Compliance reign at Equifax Workforce Solutions user conference in New Orleans.

And at the end of the day, what companies really need is the data actually to help them run their business better. So the partnership announcement between Teradata and ThinkBig solves some of these issues, i.e.,  Think Big, a Teradata (NYSE: TDC) company, announced the immediate expansion of its big data consulting business.

The two companies have announced a dashboard engine to be able to drill down capability and get to the insights using ingestion patterns and infrastructure. 

You’re sitting on a gold mine, and it’s your data. Yet despite all the hype about big data and the Internet of Things, lots of companies still don’t see it.

I’ve covered data and data technologies for more than 17 years, most recently as executive editor at InformationWeek. Over these years the volumes and varieties of data have exploded and new tools and techniques to make sense of the information have flourished. I’m excited to be joining Constellation Research to help businesses navigate the next developments through our data-to-decisions research theme.

Digital Disruption TourFirst Stop Scheduled for April 22 in Melbourne

Executives Learn How to Identify Disruptive Trends and Craft Digital Business Models

Today Constellation Research announced that registration is live for the inaugural Digital Disruption Tour, a series of executive-level seminars that show attendees how to effectively conquer disruptive forces in the era of digital business. The first stop of the tour is scheduled for April 22, 2015 in Melbourne, Australia at The Deck.  Constellation will host subsequent events in San Francisco, Atlanta, London, and Amsterdam. Speakers including Constellation analysts, early adopters, and founder, R “Ray” Wang will will identify disruptive trends that business leaders must address in the digital era. R “Ray” Wang will share insights from his book Disrupting Digital Business, published by Harvard Business Review Press.

It is that time of the year again here in the United States…tax day. Unfortunately, much like death and taxes, supply chain disruptions are not something to look forward to. But much like taxes and death, the inevitability of their happening does not mean we shouldn’t plan for their potential impacts. By preparing for these events we can ensure that we emerge from these situations in the best shape possible.