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On the Apple earnings call on April 27th we heard a hidden ‘nugget’ of information in the prepared statement of Apple CFO Luca Maestri mentioned the following in its prepared statements: [14:30 into the conference call]

In fact we are seeing very high interest from companies, who want to transform how work gets down. […] In addition to IBM we are working closely with more than 2 dozen other leading software and solution providers, including Box, Docusign, Microstrategy, Revel and Servicemax – to bring a broad range of innovative mobile solutions to more customers on iPad.

In the past the problem with working across software portfolio has been integration of the different products that enterprises needed to integrate. If Chief Human Resource Officers are polled today what their largest problems are, software integration makes the Top 3 issues – all the time. And integration has not really been solved by the cloud, as integration between cloud based products can break the same way as it used to break on premise.

There aren’t enough data scientists and deep analytics experts to go around, as we all know, so the race has been on to make advanced analytics more accessible to the average business user. SAS on Monday announced its latest effort in this vein through tighter integration of its SAS Visual Analytics (SVA) and SAS Visual Statistics (SVS) products.

Social media was heralded as the greatest thing to happen to brand marketing since, well, since ever. Consumer-generated advocacy and publicity, direct conversations with customers and advocates, and free advertising through YouTube and other social networking sites were supposed to turn garage-based businesses into mega-conglomerates and save businesses tens of thousands in marketing costs. Yeah, right. Social...

In a report we recently published we looked at how the Internet of Things (IoT) would impact the retail world. The smart counter top will be able to identify what you are placing on it. The smart counter will then be able to offer you ways to prepare the food offering you recipes and other items you may want to include. The counter will also be able to tie back into your wearables as well as other applications. Training to run a marathon and using your smart phone to keep track of your progress – maybe that bacon isn’t what you should be eating this close to race day – your counter top will tell your phone or wearable, which will tell you. 

Of course this will also come with the expected questions around privacy and information sharing. Will consumers trust the likes of Tyson Foods, Mondelez, Kraft, Dannon and other large food providers to have access to such data? 

Enterprises are only realizing 35% of the total potential value of their cloud deployments according to a recent Bain & Company study. Companies that moved development to IaaS and PaaS clouds from Amazon Web Services (AWS) reduced downtime by 72% and improved application availability by 3.9 hours per user per year. These and other key take-aways are from the recent Bain & Company study, Tapping Cloud’s Full Potential. 

Citrix Podio is a platform for developing applications which can be used on the web or mobile devices. People can build business applications by simply drag and droping fields to create forms and views. It requires very little development knowledge and no actual programming language skills.

Then have recently added a feature I asked for, which allows you to limit the choices that are displayed in drop down lists.

One of the most important things about technology is that it works and delivers on it’s promise. But it can’t do that without the ability to have it implemented well. And often it’s not a matter of just implementing it well. Today implementing technology means that you are looking at transforming the organization and how […]

On April 23rd, 2015 I participated in CMSWire's SocBizChat on Twitter. Below is a summary of my responses to their questions.


What does the number of collaboration tools on the market say about the state of collaboration in organizations?

During the chat, I responded with: We don't need more tools, we need our tools to do more. We're already suffering from #InputOverload”. When asked what the “more” is, I responded "More connectivity. More integration. More intelligence. More workflow. More automation."

Dunbar's number proposes that humans can only comfortably maintain 150 stable relationships. Well I don't know about stable... but I'd say I interact with far more than 150 people every day. With interactions via email, chat, social networks, blogs, web sites, discussion forums, customer communities and a dozen other sources, it's a real challenge for me to keep up with who all these people are.

That's the problem Nimble is trying to solve.  Here's a quick look at some of what Nimble can do. has stuck to CRM as core automation area for so long, that even analysts got nervous about how much runway the vendor can get from CRM (and yes platform and PaaS). So the news today that is (re)entering the HCM market with ‘Salesforce for HR’ was met with some surprise. Here I dissect the press release to uncover implications for customers, partners, and competitors.