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Constellation Research, Inc. today announced the publication of "Demystifying Social Business: Optimizing the Issue to Resolution Process (Support and Service)” by Constellation Principal Analyst and CEO, R “Ray” Wang. This research report provides pragmatic advice on how organizations should get started on their social business initiatives for service and support teams.

Citrix (NASDAQ: CTXS) continues to successfully launch and manage products in the areas of cloud, desktop, mobile and networking, reporting net revenue of $730M for their latest quarter (Q2, 2013), up 19% from Q2, 2012. Product license revenue is up 21% from Q2, 2012 to $227M for the latest quarter as well. In the interest of full disclosure, I have never held a position in Citrix stock and do not today, and they have never been a client.

The Big Data hype engine rolls on but nothing ever gets any clearer. Let’s be serious, NASA has been playing with ‘lots and lots’ of data since the time of the Moon launches but it was just data back then, and now all of a sudden it’s this big concern for the CIO ? Of course what comes with a fancy new industry vertical is a fancy new job title to come with it; the Data Scientist.

According to yet another survey this time by NewVantage, 70% of organisations surveyed plan to hire Data Scientists, and 100% of them said it’s “somewhat challenging” to hire a competent one. But just what is a Data Scientist anyway?

Peter Schoof, Managing Editor of, one of the largest Business Process Management resources on the web recently interviewed me on my recent appointment as Chief Evangelist at Software AG, my outlook on the BPM industry overall and the forces at work.

Over the past few weeks many have discussed the state of old media. Since Jeff Bezos announcement to buy the Washington Post, the theories have run wild. I thought I'd add to the analysis with a different point of view.

The job of Chief Information Officer has never exactly been easy. But massive disruptions in business models, technology, and the work force have been throwing up massive new challenges for CIOs and other technology leaders.

As a social media user, I expect a brand to hear what I have to say and respond to my questions that I ask via social channels. While I may receive a response, it most likely came from an stand-alone response team that is separated from the overall customer support organization. If I ask a phone service representative the same question, it is highly likely that the representative does not know that I posted this question on the company’s Facebook page or on its Twitter site. Isolated social channels often result in different responses given for the same question on traditional voice and web channels. Social channels offer a great opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of customers’ interests and behaviors and this information needs to be accessible from the customer data base.
Well, well, well… a lot has changed in one year in customer service, and we want to know exactly what and how much. Last year we run an extremely successful survey to determine where the Customer Service market was, what people perceived as the big issues, how they were implementing channels (including the new – […]


Authenticity, one of the most overused words in social media publishing, is promoted as a key tenet of social media engagement for individuals and businesses alike. There's no disputing the mass adoption of social media for information gathering, information sharing, or just plain networking and communications by people around the globe. Once criticized by some as a fad, social media is the preferred method of communication by an ever-growing population, which means we have to pay attention to it and the new rules of engagement that support it.

We all know the statistics, right? most dissatisfied customers will eventually tell 9 other people about their problem  only 4% of dissatisfied customers actually complain to the company  satisfied customers tell 5 to 6 other people about their positive experience and many others like it (it costs more to get a new customer than to […]