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It is end of February and it is time to make it to Las Vegas for IBM InterConnect, the new mega IBM event, combining three separate previous events. Spanning from Mandalay Bay to MGM Grand it will for sure get those health tracker stats up – but better one mega event than 3 trips… 

My latest report is a best practices guide for sales leaders and teams looking to use social to transform their average-performing sales teams into top performers. This report addresses the social selling concerns of the weary social selling novice to the experienced sales leader seeking to improve the efficiency of their social sales team. Here are four steps to creating a social selling organization.

My latest piece of research: How to Create a Social Selling Organization

In speaking to many sales leaders and sales reps (especially outside of Silicon Valley) they were wondering, “Would social selling make a difference to my sales organization and our sales results?” Having been in the “social media / digital world” for a while I found that an interesting question. But often if you are in the mix of something you can’t see what others can’t see. So I did some research on social selling to back up what my gut what was telling me, i.e., “Yes, social selling makes a tremendous difference to a sales organization’s bottomline.”...

Enterprise healthcare management (EHM) technology is a category of software that incorporates analytics into the typical employer-provided healthcare solution. EHM enables employers to maximize their healthcare investments by improving the delivery of healthcare for employees, and identifying previously unknown opportunities uncovered by data.

My latest report provides a market overview of the EHM market. The report will be published February 23, 2015. Check back soon for more details.

My first impressions of ‘SAP Cloud for planning’.

New research conducted by Constellation Research shows rapid change in the workplace as many companies adopt mobile technologies. Survey results revealed mobile transformation as a top priority for over eighty percent of respondents with eighty-two percent of responses indicating the presence of dedicated mobile transformation teams at their organizations. Data also indicated work trending away from the static desktop. More than fifty percent of respondents reported switching between devices more than six times per day, and traditional desktop computers are only used one-third of the time.

In Q4 2014 Constellation Research surveyed over 500 organizations of at least 1,000 employees in the education, healthcare, high tech and retail industries to determine the current state of mobile transformation. This report uncovers three core areas:

Part 4; The Enterprise Digital Business Platform; integrating the functions of a Digital Business together into a cohesive Enterprise.

The Digital Business transformation of how an enterprise does business through its Buy and Sell operations is frequently a creating of immense value and quite quickly too. However success brings its own challenges, namely the difficulties of integration an enterprise’s capability for order fulfillment via its internal processes for adding value.  

This morning Pivotal informed the world on three major announcements, the creation of a BigData Product Suite, a partnership with Hortonworks and the launch of an ‘Open Data Platform’.

Let's analyze the implications of these announcements.

How can business users make sense of all the data that is being collected? Business users speak in business terms – lead conversion rates, reducing churn, increasing customer lifetime value. And that is NOT SQL language. However, to make better decisions about their campaigns and their overall business, they do need to use big data insights.