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It’s time for another edition of Infographic Friday. Today’s content comes to us from Revel Foundry regarding customer experience and loyalty. While this specific infographic is not sports-specific, I feel there are several key lessons that apply to the industry, especially around the live event experience as compared to at-home viewing.

We were invited to the first Acumatica analyst summit in Boston this week. For a vendor’s first event of this type, the summit was very well attended with key analysts in the audience, certainly kudos for a first event.

I'd like to share an article that I wrote for a recent sports-business themed issue of W.P. Carey Magazine (a publication from my MBA Alma Mater) that discusses the value of "small data" in sports and in business overall.

We had the opportunity to attend Infomatica’s user conference Informatica World, happening this week in Las Vegas at the beautiful Cosmopolitan property in Las Vegas. The conference is well attended with over 2500 attendees (up from 2300 last year), attendees are in general positive mood and looking forward to learn more about new product functionalities. Uniquely presentations (at least the ones I attended) are always setup with a few slides and then demos with a ton of Q&A.

Data BreachIt's impossible to make lasting security promises anymore. Instead of blaming end user security, we need to turn up the heat on enterprise IT. Here's how.

Event report from Cornerstone's Convergence conference. Cornerstone is innovating in key areas around its core offering with Analytics and a PaaS, both critical moves in our view to offer the next level of best practices for HCM. Both also help to foster a vibrant eco system. It was also good to see that Cornerstone is innovating ‘back at the roots’ with its Learning module. And for the first time, the vendor's ambition to reach 1B US$ revenue seems plausible.

Informatica World 2015 Event Report. 

Informatica CEO Sohaib AbbasiWith its Intelligent Data Platform, Informatica is raising the level of discourse out niche data projects and up to five prominent IT initiatives: analytics, total customer relationship, application consolidation, cloud modernization, and data governance. These five initiatives account for the lion’s share of Informatica deployments, and they are tied to larger business objectives (read, funding sources) like driving better decisions, improving cross-selling and up-selling, grappling with mergers and acquisitions, improving business agility, and getting governance, risk and compliance under control.

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The Content, Network, And, Arms Dealer Come Together With Merger

The planned acquisition of AOL by Verizon for $4.4B is more than just the acquisition of the programmatic ad platform.  Verizon is making the big shift to disrupting digital businesses for a few reasons..

At this morning's Informatica World keynote, Informatica CEO Sohaib Abbasi made a number of key product announcements, which all have an impact on Informatica’s customers, partners and the vendor itself.