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My top three takeaways from ADP's Meeting of the Minds conference in Nashville: No change in the vision, UI & analytics, and New ways of analyzing data.

Sins of commission by management are many. Sins of omission are few, but they can be every bit as demoralizing. Here are three that I will address ad seriatum.

1. Failure to observe 2. Failure to nurture 3. Failure to acknowledge

Most credit card safety advice is virtually useless. The truth is very few payment card details are stolen from websites or people's computers. Organised crime targets the databases of payment processors and big merchants, where they steal the details of tens of millions of cardholders at once. You might never have shopped online in your life, and still have your card details stolen, behind your back, at a department store breach.

Another week another analyst day…this time it was to Detroit and a meeting with Plex Systems. Between my attempts to discover where South Detroit was located and enjoying a great tour of the Sanders Fine Chocolate factory, I was able to spend an educational day and half with the Plex executive team. The time was well spent getting an update on where Plex ended up in 2014 and where they are heading for 2015. A few take aways:

The following video contains news about:

  • Microsoft Office 365 Delve rolling out to eligible customers
  • LiquidPlanner's new dashboard features
  • The new Adobe Document Cloud
  • Unify Circuit's new (and upcoming) integrations
  • IBM and Twitter partnering for new insights in IBM BlueMix and IBM Watson Analytics


Many Enterprises see their adoption of Digital Business being driven by Sales and Marketing additions to their current products and activities. Sadly this is unlikely to be enough as many Industry sectors are becoming transformed markets adding a imperative time scale for individual Enterprises to reconsider their need to grasp Digital Business.

We had the opportunity to attend the yearly Cloudera analyst meeting at the beautiful historic Mark Hopkins hotel in San Francisco. The vendor had a remarkable audience of almost 40 analysts attending, documenting the importance of Cloudera for the BigData market. Here are my top 3 takeaways of the event...

Google itself did two things very quickly in response to the RTBF ruling. First, it mobilised a major team to process delisting requests. This is no mean feat -- reports say that 150,000 requests have been received to date -- but it's similar to the task of managing take-down notices for copyright and unlawful material, and Google is well practiced at that. Secondly, the company convened an Advisory Council of independent experts to formulate strategies for balancing the competing rights and interests bound up in RTBF. The Advisory Council delivered its report in January.

I declare I'm a strong supporter of RTBF, so I had high expectations of the Council's report. Yet I found it quite barren.

What I found most interesting at the Convergence conference is the emphasis on people. And the acknowledgement that technology is there to empower people. There’s been, as many of you know, this rub between the “business” and “IT” and their differing agendas. A couple of examples of customer’s at the Microsoft Convergence Conference showed today clearly that there are […]

In spite of my hopes I am finding more organizations with the wrong models for implementing transformation.

This is a stream of consciousness post summarizing observations, research, and work regarding digital transformation.