Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said the company will launch Azure Models as a Service, which will aim to build out its OpenAI model offerings with a broader selection.

Nadella, speaking at Microsoft's Ignite 2023 conference, said the company wants to "bring the best selection of open-source models to Azure and do so responsibly."

He added that Azure's models-as-a-service offering will include Stable Diffusion, Llama2 from Meta, Mistral and Jais, the world's largest Arabic language model. Command from Cohere will also be available.

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"With models-as-a-service, developers won't have to provision GPUs so they can focus on development and not back-end operations," said Nadella, who noted that customers can fine tune foundational models with their own data. "We want to support models in every language in every country," said Nadella.

Specifics include:

  • Models as a Service will offer inference APIs and hosted fine tuning for Llama 2 in Azure AI model catalog.
  • PayGo inference APIs are billed by the numbers of tokens used.
  • Llama2 can be fine-tuned with your own data.
  • Content moderation is built into the service.