DisrupTV is on the road this week at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting at Davos. R “Ray” Wang and Vala Afshar interviewed a few guests live at the event to share some of the major themes coming out of this historic gathering of some of the most influential leaders around the globe.


Where is the trust? 


There’s this feeling of gloom around technology, especially as it relates to trust with our data, according to David Kirkpatrick, founder and editor-in-Chief at Techonomy. He explained that the attendance of the event has shifted with more technology leaders, and there are increased discussions around the impact of privacy, distrust of Facebook and the fear of losing our data completely with the developments of technology, such as IoT, Alexa, 5G, blockchain, etc.


One of the biggest themes of the show is trust.  It’s wrapped into all of the discussions from business and technology leaders alike. Citizens are looking to business leadership to help solve the issues of our time, including political, economic, ethical and societal topics. They are looking for other options as they don’t think governments are solving these issues effectively.


It’s time to reskill our workforce


With the advancements in technology, there’s a major skills gap that we need to address as we move into a new wave of multiplied innovation. Hosting challenges is a great way to inspire innovation and diversity of thought, explained Mike Morris, CEO at Topcoder


Another wave of change elevated at the event includes globalization and the realization that the world is flat where everyone should get paid fairly for their intellectual capital regardless of location. To disrupt in this exponential era, companies need to compete for the same talent as Apple and Google, for example. The next generation will not be sitting in cubes, and remote working from anywhere in the world will be the typical work environment. His company already is 100% remote and can recruit the top talent from anywhere. How companies and countries look at and produce talent will be a big theme at next year’s event, Morris explained.


Build a Strong Culture that Instills Trust


To close out the discussion, DisrupTV caught up with Gurvinder Singh Sahni, Chief Marketing Officer at Appirio, a Wipro Company. Echoing the sentiments earlier in the show, there is a deficit of trust in the tech sector. It’s important to work on a strong culture and understand that it correlates to how much your customers and community trusts you. Actions truly speak louder than words.


This is just the highlights! Check out the full interviews here and on our podcast. Tune in tomorrow for more interviews and takeaways from Davos.