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Workday HR and financial analyses stand to benefit, but Platfora customers will lose the on-premises software option in the wake of the pending acquisition … Continue reading

Earlier today Oracle announced its intent to acquire NetSuite… rumors of the acquisition are almost as old that if they were humans, they would attend middle school, but there was a recent pickup, and they have no materialized…

Oracle’s 9.3B acquisition of Netsuite came as no surprise to valley insiders.  The rumors have surfaced for weeks.  The surprise came as how badly Oracle sought cloud revenue and to bring a friendly partner back into the family.  Constellation sees the following for the buy side:

In less than two years Satya Nadella has transformed Microsoft from incumbent under siege to tech pioneer, on multiple fronts. The change in stance since Steve Ballmer has been nothing short of remarkable.

One of Satya’s signature moves has been to open up Microsoft Office to other platforms, including Apple iOS, Google Android and Google Chrome. It was diametrically opposed to Ballmer’s approach of using Office as a drawcard for Microsoft Windows OS.

At first this seemed like a masterstroke. Extend the franchise by making it universal.

The need for customer experience to improve is not a myth. In fact, here’s why. Noted psychology researcher and writer Mihaly Csíkszentmihályi observed in 1998 that people who perform seamless, sequence-based activities on a regular basis are happier than people who don’t[i]. He coined the term “flow” to describe this behavior. With the advent of CoIT, […]

In this short video, I share my some thoughts on the recent data breach scandals rocking the US political scene, blaming tools, and taking accountability for the things you say and share.


I was in India this week on customer advisory and attending the Nasscom HR Summit in Chennai, I had the honor to keynote the event on Day 1 and moderate a panel on the synergy story between man and machine. All that gave me a good insight in the state of the Indian HR market, worth for a blog post. 

Workday says Platfora buy will bolster its petabyte-scale analysis capabilities. It’s good news for Workday customers, but Platfora customers should be prepared for change. … Continue reading

The deadline is approaching for the first industry award to celebrate the leaders and teams who successfully apply emerging and disruptive technologies for their organizations.

The era of digital disruption is upon us. Since the year 2000, 52 percent of the Fortune 500 has dropped off the list. Replaced, beaten, and bankrupted by the advancing forces of digital disruption. Digital technology has created a new business environment. Business giants that clung to the business models that produced success in the 20th century found themselves out of touch, outmaneuvered, and off the Fortune 500 list.

This new business environment calls for leaders who can guide their organizations through the digital thicket. Leaders adept at selecting and championing technologies that enable digital transformation. Leaders who can craft and implement business models that harness the transformative power of disruptive technology.

This is the first in a series of posts on problems and challenges that I keep hearing from HR professionals as I make the rounds in the course of my work as an analyst and strategic advisor. Let’s kick off this series with Global HR. I'll highlight trends that make Global HR so important, then examine challenges and solutions to the overall domain.